Code Enforcement

The Mission of the Code Enforcement Department of Upper Moreland Township is to provide the highest quality public service to the community while being ever mindful of our duty to protect the public's life, health and welfare in the built environment. This department provides timely and comprehensive professional services in the area of plan review, field inspections, code enforcement and administration. We are committed to working as a team, uniting with other Township Departments to accomplish our goal of protecting and serving the citizens of Upper Moreland Township

The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Upper Moreland Township Code. We issue permits for all construction, demolition, signs and licenses for all business conducted in the Township. In conjunction with the issuance of permits, we perform the review and approval of plans for code compliance and perform onsite inspections. We process all requests and submit the necessary documentation to the appropriate commissions and boards for: variances, special exceptions, permits of compliance, land development and subdivisions. This department maintains all files related to building permits as well as records of Property Maintenance, Zoning Hearing Board, Advisory Planning Agency and other property information. In addition, we receive and attempt to resolve complaints filed by Township residents that pertain to code compliance.

The Township of Upper Moreland Code Enforcement Officers have earned professional certifications from the International Code Council (ICC) and the State of Pennsylvania. Through rigorous testing, ICC Certifications ensure that staff have demonstrated competency in the requirements of the International Codes®, a complete set of comprehensive, coordinated codes used in the State of Pennsylvania and most U.S. communities and many global markets for the design, build and compliance process to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures.

Contact Information

Paul Purtell - Director of Code Enforcement/Building Code Official/Zoning Officer - Contact

Robert Rosser - Code Enforcement Officer - Contact

Elda Maggeo Secretary/ZHB Secretary - Contact

Michele Dougherty Secretary - Contact