Parks & Recreation

Helping to Build a Strong Community


Upper Moreland's Parks and Recreation Department is committed to assisting our residents by helping to build a strong community. The Department does this by providing parks for both organized and unplanned recreation pursuits, as well as programs for people of all ages and abilities. Our offerings help develop the individual, community, environment, and economy. 

We offer healthy lifestyle opportunities through recreation programs and visits to our parks. By providing parks and programs that are educational, enjoyable, safe, and socially interactive, we help the overall well-being of the hundreds of thousands of folks who take advantage of our offerings annually. And we do this while being fiscally responsible and balancing the needs of the community.

So, we invite you to take a walk in one of our parks, register for several of our programs, enjoy a family picnic at a local park, grab a ball and play on a hard court, take your puppy to our dog park, or simply sit on a park bench to relax and observe nature.   

Upper Moreland Parks and Recreation Department:  helping you help yourself and your family; and, assisting Upper Moreland Township to be a strong community.