Cardboard & Paper

Updated Paper Recycling Regulations

Paper is picked up on the same day as your trash. Cardboard is recycled with your newspaper. Virtually all paper products may now be recycled. Paper products picked up by the same truck include: newspaper, cardboard, kraft (brown) bags, magazines, junk mail, office paper, phone books, pizza boxes, cartons from soda and beer, and many other types of clean paper products. Boxes may not be used as trash containers. Plastic bags may not be used for any type of paper recycling.

How to Recycle Cardboard

To properly recycle cardboard:

  1. Remove any contaminants (trash, Styrofoam, etc.)
  2. Flatten boxes
  3. Tie flattened boxes together with jute twine or placed in a single box (20 pound maximum per box)
  4. Place out with recycling on trash day (slightly away from the rest of your trash)

How to Recycle Paper

Newspapers, computer paper, and other items should (as before) be tied securely with twine, or placed in a brown shopping bag. The following cartons are not acceptable for paper recycling and should be included with your household trash.

Items Banned From Paper

All of the items listed go in your regular trash. Remove any outer wrappings, inner bags, pouches, spouts, plastic handles, Styrofoam, etc. Flatten the cartons. Do not include any metal, plastic, foil, glass items, or Styrofoam. Covers of phone books do not have to be removed.

  • Cartons containing frozen or refrigerated foods
  • Cartons which contain beverage (milk, juice, drinks)
  • Cartons with a foil or foil-like liner that cannot be removed
  • Waxed cardboard boxes