EAC Agenda Oct 5, 2022

  1. Take attendance.
  2. Approve minutes from September 7, 2022.
  3. Update on OEEC.
  4. Tree planting at elementary/intermediate school this Thursday at 1:30, along the path that goes by the playground.
  5. Update on plastic bag ban. Write plastic bag ban petition?
  6. Books on plastics at library, put more pamphlets at township building? Put more plastics info at EAC library kiosk, ask local stores to put up signs stating that bags are not given out except on request?
  7. Shade tree commission has been delegated to the Parks and Rec advisory panel. They meet on a Tuesday. The next tree plantings, including the dog park, should start soon. Annual tree budget has been doubled to $16,000.00.
  8. Tree City update.
  9. Ready for 100 update.
  10. Fair Oaks basin update.
  11. To keep on our radar: social media rules, use of Roundup on properties, water bottle filling stations at parks.

Earth Day planning.