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Storm Water Management
Posted in: Associations & Commissions, Posted: 5/15/2013 9:07 AM


Put household hazardous waste where it belongs

Antifreeze, household cleaners, gasoline, pesticides, oil paints, solvents, used motor oil: improper disposal allows these items to seep into our rivers and groundwater.  So the next time you’re spring cleaning or on the move, do the right thing. Instead of in the trash or down the drain, call your local county environmental health agency for disposal guidelines and services. Small actions make a big difference. 



From the well or the tap, the watershed is the source of your drinking water. It’s precious!

- Water makes up three-quarters of our planet.

- Only 1% of all the water on earth is accessible and clean enough for consumption.

- All people, plants and animals must share this same 1% water supply.


Make every drop count…

A watershed is all the land that drains into a common water body, such as a stream, creek, or lake.

Preserving our watershed means protecting our drinking water resources.

Remember, small actions make a big difference.  It’s that simple.


 Stormwater Management and Awareness Provided by Upper Moreland Township




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