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Dial 911 for Emergencies or when an immediate Police, Fire, or Medical response is needed.

Upper Moreland Township

Upper Moreland Township
117 Park Avenue
Willow Grove, PA19090-3215

Phone: (215) 659-3100
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Phone: (215) 659-3100 x1052
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Phone: (215) 659-3100 x1045
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Treasurer's Report

Activity Report - February 2015

Expenditures Receipts Balance
General Fund
General Fund 1,296,942.52 1,672,452.86 1,663,633.10
Treasurers Fund 100.00
Highway Fund 75.00
Secretary Fund 150.00
Finance Department 500.00
TOTAL 1,664,458.10
Other Funds
Escrow Fund 148,481.88 157,351.38/td> 297,633.02
Debt Fund 25,336.51 32,979.59 181,978.98
P.L.G.I.T. Accounts
U.M. Twp. General Fund 728,364.45 669,328.59 2,285,358.91
Road/Bridge Project - Welsh Rd. -0- 1.39 116,171.30
Capital Reserve for Equip. -0- 0.40 33,187.56
Fire Truck Fund -0- 34,002.72 239,238.29
Liquid Fuels Fund 78,724.66 70,699.33 16,536.97
Bond 2008 Series 132,660.00 4.95 204,370.29
Traffic Signal Program 25,298.71 23,463.07 171,058.56

NOTE: This monthly Treasurer's Report is a summary of receipts and expenditures only. Interest earned for the month and other miscellaneous transfers are not shown. A complete Financial Statement is prepared and available for public review in the Township's Finance Office.

Joseph J. Olszak

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