How does the fully Automated Recycling Collection work?

A 95 gallon recycling containers will be provided by the Township and will be distributed to each property currently receiving recycling collection by the Township’s Public Works Department. These new containers will be the only acceptable container to place your recycling materials in for collection and are not to be used for yard waste collection or the disposal of any other items.  All recycling materials must be placed in the new container: boxes or other containers may no longer be used to dispose of recycling materials.  Boxes must be broken down and placed in the new containers.  The containers should be placed at the curb and away from parked cars with the arrows facing the street.


The new recycling containers have been purchased with a $350,000 grant obtained by the Township from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources. Automated recycling will allow for both a more efficient collection process and one that is safer for the Township’s workforce.

Glass, Can, Plastic and Paper Recycling:  Unbroken glass bottles, clean aluminum and tin cans and #’s 1 thru 7 plastics, newspapers, computer paper, brown bags, magazines, junk mail, office paper, phone books, paperboard cartons or boxes (not wax lined), including those from beverages, six packs and those used to hold pizza or other fast food items may be mixed together and placed curbside in the recycling containers that are provided by the Township. NO OTHER CONTAINERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  No trash, cigarettes, or food/drink residue should be in bottles.  No plate glass, light bulbs, mirrors, or broken glass is included in recycling (put in regular trash).  Cans which contained paint, fuel, aerosol spray, oil or other hazardous materials cannot be collected.  EXCLUDED:  Styrofoam (includes egg cartons, clamshell containers, plates, cups and meat trays, packing peanuts), plastic films or bags, PVC pipes, CD/DVDs, coffee cup lids, straws, plastic cutlery, plastic 6-pack rings, waxed paper, waxed cardboard, coat hangers.

The Township hopes the transition to automated recycling will be a smooth one and the staff will work with residents to address any questions or concerns you may have during the changeover. Please direct your questions to the Public Works Department at or 215-659-4070


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