How can I reserve the Community Room at the Library?

If you are interested in reserving the Community Room at the Library, there are a guidelines. These guidelines are as follows:

  1. The Community Room is to be used by groups or organizations, including political groups without regard to party affiliation, based in the Township or composed of residents of the Township, for the purpose of holding meetings or presenting programs not of a commercial nature (non-profit).  The term "commercial nature" is defined as the principal aim of the program is to promote the sale of a good or product or promote the provision of a service for a fee.  A program shall not be considered commercial in nature if such promotion of the sale of a good or service is merely incidental to the program as a whole, provided that no sale of any goods or services shall be conducted on Township property.
  2. No fee will be charged for the use of the room.
  3. An individual member of the group or organization shall sign for the use of the room which makes that individual responsible for arranging for any necessary set-up of the room and shall be responsible for returning the room to its condition before the meeting.  Failure to return the room to its before meeting condition or any abuse of property or damage may result in denial of future use of the room by the group or organization.
  4. Availability for use shall be the same as the Library hours.
  5. The individual member of the group or organization will be a resident of the Township.
  6. To reserve the room, please contact the Township Manager's office by e-mail, with your contact information, dates and times. You may e-mail the Manager's office by clicking here.

You can check the Community Room by viewing the Library Calendar to make certain that other events are not scheduled.

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