Can you recommend a contractor?

No, because of the potential conflict of interest and liability concerns.

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1. What are your hours
2. What do I need to do to install a pool?
3. Where do I secure permits for various projects and home improvements?
4. What is the zoning classification of my property?
5. May I, as the property owner, perform my own plumbing & electrical work?
6. Is a permit required when the homeowner is doing the work?
7. How many sets of plans are required to make application for a permit?
8. How long is the review process?
9. What are your present permit fees?
10. What is your fax number?
11. Does your office have any original house plans?
12. Can you recommend a contractor?
13. Do you maintain a file for contractors?
14. What are the requirements for the installation of a fence?
15. Is a permit required for the installation of a fence?
16. For re-sale of a property, is an inspection required from the Twp?